May 22, 2020
_Hentai4ThePlot_ (All reviews)
From China comes a brand new contagious anime about an off brand mob psycho 100 that’s surprising good. Maybe it’s because nobody was allowed to leave the studio because that’s where they were stuck for the pandemic, but man did they not waste their time! I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t as much of a hidden gem as Covid19’s first appearance. Sharefun studio created quite the eye candy for their first Anime. (This was released in 2018, but is fairly newly acquired and dubbed by Netflix).

So what’s better than JUST an assassin? Ones who’s also a telekinetic Amnesiac barber of course! If there had to an anime about the worlds strongest hair stylist this would be it. Pretty sure if god ever needed a barber it would have to be this man. Doesn’t even have to lift a finger to give you the cut you never knew you needed...

Now you may say to yourself, “will I get coronavirus watching this?” The answer isn’t so simple.. you may fall just as ill after developing a cocaine like addiction to this show or maybe.. you’ve been sick this whole time and that’s why you can’t see this for the masterpiece it’ll shape up to be.

I could start by saying the animation alone makes me moist. It has a lot of ultra realism, but It’s very free form.. this is ascended when you take into account the lose logic in its world. From chi that controls just about everything to magic eggs that allow seven to transform into the most worldly desires if you get what I mean.. Then there’s the fact that a chicken about the size of my self esteem that reels him up by his pants and takes him out of combat and to the heavens. Sprinkle in a bit of sevens inability to be normal. Combine this with a world of hardcore-ish assassins and everything being animated in a minimalistic way and well they’ve done it. Covid has been cured!

It’s nonsensical visuals are what help further define and set apart the series as you can never really get used to what you’re seeing. It goes from something that looks like Parkinson scribbles to a sudden shift when the mood changes that looks well.. juicy ya know? From something so silly at a pg rating to a sudden split second shift in color pallets, line work, mood and tone that are so sharp/smooth to match the new pegi 18 rating. Now you’re rock hard and hyped to watch what seems like a shounen fight. The audience’s attention will always be suckered to the screen with the ever changing atmosphere.

The audio will give your ears boners as hard as diamonds. While the sound effects may not be all that special, actually kind of generic, the OST will Serenade your eardrums with voluptuous singing to match each mood and background music to convey themes being expressed. It’s really quite different than anything else out there as you can really experience different types of Chinese music culture first hand here.

“Is the MC even like-able?” Oh hohohoho take a seat and let me tell you! How can you dislike a character who’s so bad at assassinating that he he’s been beaten by hard rock playing doggo, Chief midget of the island purity society, a BDSM grandma, and the indestructible virgin. Layered with his insatiable desire to cut hair you’d think he had his eyes closed doing, and seduction skills to lure in the ladies and the gentlest of men.

The comedy alone is the first thing you’ll instantly be pulled in by. They come at you from every angle like walking into the showers with all your favorite inmates and reaching down to pick up the soap you just dropped. From children styled jokes to slapstick humor that lines every episode like the flex seal all over my car windshield. The slapstick humor centers around how way over his head seven gets in by taking on these missions while putting the ass in assassin. By combining slapstick with juxtaposition though we get a comedic style that’s pretty unrivaled in most animes. Add in over the top drama and you’re cooking up a dish to serve Gordon Ramsey.

It’s real selling point is how you’ll like almost all the characters since they are so vastly different from one another. From a Jojo character body building chicken to samurai cats, nerd cyborgs capable of leveling a whole island, best girl just trying to finish her hit list and the glasses wearing king of all chickens. By failing his assassination attempts he helps each opponent appreciate life more while simultaneously unlocking his memories from being the former best assassin and questioning what his reason for being is. Every ending credit to each episode only adds to why you may love all the characters as it gives insight to their lives before or after every assassination attempt they’ve succumb to.

If China can keep pumping out shows like scissor Seven and The King’s Avatar, I think they could become a pretty big player in the animation market one day. The transitions in this anime from childlike humor to a serious action in seamless coherency just up the anting as you why this defies normal standards. It’s disgusting underrated and I recommend if you’re looking for something new to ease your pallet.